Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Angry

Well, I've had my few days of sadness and feeling sorry for myself and being down. Now I'm just plain MAD. I've never known her to be so cruel ... at least it gives me energy.

I can not BELIEVE all my calls have been unanswered. All my emails have been unanswered. I KNOW she reads this blog- it has not moved her. You are just being so super ugly ... I can't even believe it. Please stop reading and just go away. That's what you wanted anyway. Conrad has told me to stop posting about it - because if she DOES read here, then it just fuels the drama. If something always has to be happening with her, then me being upset and posting it all over cyberspace is probably feeding it. I took her off my Myspace and deleted the # from my phone. Good closure for now.

My desire to continue the friendship is gone. I've known since my first post that I wasn't going to be ABLE to continue it - but now I don't WANT to and that's a good turning point for me.

Well, we get early release today- 2:30 - so I'm looking forward to that. The roads were all but empty this morning. I was moving slow, stopped to get gas and STILL got here five minutes early today. Normally those two things would have caused me to be an hour late.

I heard an interesting program this morning about Lyme Disease - did you know it's somewhat connected to Alziehimer's? Yes - they took ten brains of Alziehimer's patients and found Lyme Disease in 8 of them. SCARY STUFF! We should all read up on it as much as we can. But sadly, it's one of those diseases that hasn't been heavily researched and they don't know much about. Maybe some relaxing Thanksgiving reading for you?

HAHA just kidding.

Happy Turkey Day from Texas.



DeeDee said...

Hey Karyn, I am sorry that this so called friend has made you so miserable, but I agree with Conrad and think you need to stop writing about it on here. The more you write about how upset you are with her you are giving her the power. You need to move on and enjoy the friendships that you have instead of dwelling on a past failed friendship. You don't need to waste your time and energy on someone who obviously doesn't care enough to reach out when she knows how upset you are.

Ok, now have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!