Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Reminded

Well, I must have SOME good friends. :)

I was reminded yesterday via email, the blog and in person that I do have people who care for me. First of all my sister in law posted a very sweet comment which helped a lot. Sometimes I forget we can consider family our friends too ... Mikel is a dear friend to me ... and not only that, we're family now, so she'll be with me forever.

Then I went to lunch with my friend Tosha and I filled her in on why I was so down. She's a wise woman! She told me that as we get older, we realize we have less of the "One BFF forever" thing going on and more like three or four close friends ... and she is TOTALLY right. I counted on my hand right there who I considered my five closest friends to be. Really, six (I have a new one!) ... and she said see Karyn, God has already blessed you and you didn't even know it.

Then I got back from lunch and had a very encouraging email from my buddy Tracy - who said the same thing as Tosha. She listed out all of her closest friends and what each one of them meant to her and I was one of them.

My "best friend" may have gone her own way, abandoned me or whatever - but I'm not alone ... and of course, we can not forget Mr Conrad - he's been a prince through this as well. When I was so upset, he was even throwing out ideas of me inviting girls over on Saturdays so I can "get away from him and Blanca" ... and while it would be AWESOME to have a girls Saturday one day soon I would never ever want to get away from him or Blanca. They are my life. I'm lucky to have a husband who underdstands.

So even though you are ALL my friends - I want to send out a special shout out to my closest confidants - the people who have always been there, who consider me a good friend and special to them. To people who love me and have told me recently.

Here's to Conrad ... the sweetie
and my gal pals- Tracy, Darlene, Toni, Carolyn, Tosha and my newest addition- Sherry.

Thanks for being there, listening and caring about me.

Happy Thanksgiving week.



Toni said...

Ahh sweetie I just read you blog. I am in Indiana right now visiting my mom. You can't control how everybody else might act in life you just have to make sure your happy. Remember all you other friends. We love ya.