Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unexpected Windfall

Conrad and I ran out to the grocery store. I had been watching the stupid Food Network again :) and saw some chicken recipes. Only thing is I HATE cooking chicken. It never ever comes out right, so I decided to go and get one of those rottisserie chickens today. As luck would have it, there was a $1 off coupon too if you bought some Coke, which Conrad happens to be addicted to Diet Coke and it was on our list to buy anyway.

We picked up our items and headed to the check out. I saw the lady in front of us had some DELICIOUS looking burgers and steaks on the conveyor belt. I thought "Woah, she's having a cookout today!" ... and why not, it's beautiful.

We get home, unpack the groceries and the lady's cookout meat is IN OUR BAG. I look at my receipt, three times, it's not on there. I even remember putting the divider between our stuff. OMG - for whatever reason the bagger put her stuff in with our things. They must have been the last things they rang up for her. I had my meat out first on our list of things- so they could bag all my meat together. The lady bagging must have been confused and she thought it was our meat. I feel SO BAD about that! I know the other shopper got home and unpacked and was SO UPSET. I would have been.

I consulted with Conrad and we agreed that yeah we can take it back to the store. However they can't put it back out for public consumption. It's a store loss. They would have to throw it away since someone took it out of the store. I know I would never ever buy meat there again if I knew they were putting meat back out that people had taken home. They could do anything to it! So - we can take it back and let it be thrown away or keep it and not waste it. I know the lady took her receipt back and got her meat because it was $18 worth! She had two fine steaks and a pack of fresh pre-made hamburgers. I feel awful for her, it's happened to me too. I'm going to call and tell the store anyway. If they want it back, I can freeze it and run it there later this week. I'm not going back tonight --- but I know they won't want it. The steaks go bad tomorrow.

I suppose we will call this an unexpected windfall. It's just CRAZY. This is like four meals for us. Maybe I can like, donate $20 to charity or something. I don't know ... in the meantime, steaks tonight!