Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is my Mecca, my Holy Land.

When I purchased my boyfriend, Mr. Keurig, he came with a coupon. Buy two get two free. Since I am out of regular coffee AND have only 2 of the samples he came with left, I went ahead and bought. It was something like $11 for a box of 24 single cup servings. So I bought the Green Mountain sampler and Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (I am BIG BIG BIG on samplers). For free, I got the Orange Spice Tea and the Green Mountain Southern Pecan. Can you tell I am a BIG fan of Green Mountain? Well I am. That stuff is like liquid gold. So for $27 and free shipping I got about (for me) 6 months worth of coffee... and GOOD coffee. This machine, whether you use their coffee or your own, makes restaurant quality stuff and I crave it. I have never loved waking up on the weekends quite so much. I believe it has something to do with how HOT the water gets - it's almost too hot to hold the cup.

I am also really glad they include a sampler when you buy the Keurig. When I logged on to buy, they had SEVEN GIANT pages of different coffees to get. Overwhelming!Well by the time I ordered, I already knew I didn't care for Caribou and I didn't care for the Paul Newman decaf- and I liked donut shop pretty well. Not a fan of Hazelnut and LOVED Green Mountain. It's a good way to sample a little bit of everything - and when I saw they had a Green Mountain sampler which has breakfast blend and dark roast and vanilla, etc- I was ALL OVER IT. It's good to know what you like.

Also let me say you can buy this coffee at Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond, the grocery store - and we happen to live about 3 miles from a place called Southern Refreshment Services. It's a big warehouse that services companies who buy coffee and such for their employees (like my company!) and you can walk right in, march up to a computer, put in your order and they will bring it out to you. NO shipping- you are standing right there. Sometimes, Tomball is the absolute best place to be.