Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Body Pump

Les Mills Body Pump is a class offered at my gym. I don't know who Les Mills is, but I think he may be from the devil ... he may BE the devil. He is for sure an agent of the devil.

So two weeks ago I started off with the aqua aerobics. For a week I was sore- I went to three classes. For week two, I did the same three classes and wasn't sore at all. I had great energy and slept well and I noticed one of my shirts fit better, but I thought oh if I'm not sore, maybe I can pump it up a notch. Maybe this isn't like challenging me anymore. As my friend Tosha says, The Devil IS a lie! I was challenged plenty.

I went through a few options to add in- Zumba, Body Pump, Spin ... and I decided on Body Pump because I am not ready for Spin and ALL the Zumba classes are going on whenever my water classes are going on and I LOVE my water classes. So - I decided on BP. OH. MY. GOD. Today is hard to walk. I have already taken 6 Ibuprofen in the last 12 hours. I soaked in a tub of epsom salts when I got home. On the way home, my hair dripped like I had been in the pool. CRAZY STUFF. I even did teeny tiny embarassingly small baby weights. Some of these girls were squatting like 80 lbs.

I liked it though and I will probably go back next week - for more torture, but at this point, I am not going more than once a week. So this week, I will do my three water classes that are left. Next week, I think I will keep BP on Monday, and take my three water classes.

I think two weeks of the same thing, before I add on, is working for me. I HOPE I am not moving to slow, but if I go everyday and I hurt all the time, I will start to hate it and I will quit. I know me! I think 4 hours a week is GREAT. Don't you???? Help me feel better about this, guys! LOL

I think the recommended amount of exercise is 30 minutes a day, right? So 4 hours is like MORE than 30 minutes a day, when you break it down.



Tracy said...

Thumbs up!! Keep it up...