Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flour - Damon Lee Fowler

I am laughing through my tears here ... WHEN was it decided that Texas was not a southern state? We butt up to Mexico and the GULF for heavens sakes. I know the Texan PEOPLE are a people all their own, but geographically we're southern.

I told you last week that I got two cookbooks from Damon Lee Fowler. Well he, like my grandmothers before me, is VERY strict about the products you use and he calls those products OUT in his book. He makes it feel like if you don't use this certain kind of whatever, your dish will be fit for only Yankees and theives .... being from South Carolina (as he is) I totally understand that.

In his book, New Southern Baking, he calls for White Lily flour in just about everything. Guess what southern state does not carry White Lily? YES, TEXAS.


I am a little upset about it. Do you know where they DO sell it? MICHIGAN AND ILLINOIS. I could be sick right now. The slogan "White Lily has been helping southern cooks create incredibly delicious foods since 1883". Really? You don't say. Have you studied the demographics White Lily and seen a large influx of southern cooks into Michigan and Illinois? I have to tell you I only know of ONE person who migrated to Detroit and I can't say I believe he purchases White Lily. Oprah was born in Mississippi and has moved to Illinois, did you follow her up there? What is the reason for this outrage?!

I suppose I will be calling my parents in SC and FL and telling them to start shipping flour. I am TOTALLY going to send these White Lily people an email!