Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well ... Sunday night was eventful.

I DID get my super cute hat. I even went to party right afterwards and should have worn it, if my giant sunburned head is any indication. But, *SIGH* I will be rocking it this summer!

Sunday night we came in from dinner and Blanca was limping around - holding up her front right paw. Well of course I immediately went into hysterics and wailing about bone cancer and Conrad of course, was calm. We waited about 30 minutes but it didn't seem to get better ... we ended up taking her to the doggie ER.

She is fine, thankfully. Probably a little sprang and maybe she stepped on a wasp or something. She jumps down off all manner of beds and couches - I knew one days she would get hurt! Her little foot pads were swollen and she gnaws on them all the time. I got some medicine for them, she got a shot - and of course, we were both up all night. I was trying to get her to NOT lick her paw and she was trying to trick me into thinking she was asleep so I could sleep. Monday was FUN! Being a mother = not easy.

But the Doggie/Kitty/ Bird, etc .. ER is not a fun place. People are crying and scared. I heard doggies crying and barking. Some kitty came in that was real sick while we were there. A lady and her son picked up their one eyed dog (recently one eyed, if the stitches told the story) and the lady just fell apart right there at the counter. It was a sad place to be. I am so glad we don't go there much and that Blanca's problem is probably cureable.

I am going to take VET off the list of any future career choices. My heart would bleed every single day.