Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Situational Update

Short update

Sorry I've been gone. I've been in sort of an emotional hole. With the insuance thing ...

The adjuster (who I don't get along with) - her boss called me this morning and MAGICALLY she knew ALL of the information I had been asking Miss I Don't Have Any Information At This Time, but she never knew.

The car had 18K in damage and his rental was 2900 dollars .... and when they went in to repair the car they found supplemental damange, HENCE the call about getting near my limit. The supplemental amount it a little less than $4K. How HARD would it have been for Miss IDHAIATT to tell me ????? Apparently, impossible.

SO, with tax the amount should be SLIGHTLY over the $25K which is probably not even enough for the other insurance company to come after me for. I thought we were talking about selling the house, plundering the bank accounts ... etc and believe you Me, I told this woman about her minion of the devil employee. This woman has put me through SO much emotional trauma - since the DAY of the accident .... she has been mean, rude, short, snappy and NEVER has any information. I even had my agent call her and the agent called me back and said WOW what DOES she know ????

So I am feeling better and tonight looking forward to a good night's sleep for the first time in a week. I need rest - emotional rest.