Monday, April 6, 2009

Well ....

We are waiting on our friend to arrive- the one going to MD Anderson this week. She should be here late tonight. I cleaned all weekend and then Conrad and I worked on the house some yesterday. We got stuff done we should have a looooooooooong time ago.

OH! My friend, Lori- has a new blog which I have added to my Blog List- she's called Mommy to Be. She blogs about being at her mom's house- she has moved in there while they get the house ready to sell. Her mom died less than a year ago, in that house ... and she blogs about strange noises and wanting to see if her mom is there. I SO GET THAT ... when Conrad gets back from fetching us dinner I'm going to tell him about this.

Conrad travels maybe five times a year - and I get really scared when he goes. Not of human people. Not of people who can break in here - I am scared of the GHOSTS. We don't even HAVE ghosts, that I'm aware of ... so anyway Conrad bought these little door stoppers. If someone were to come into the house, after I have set them out, a really shrill horrible alarm goes off. Well I don't set them out - because I am worried the "spirits" will set them off as a joke. I mean my grandma would TOTALLY do something like that just to get a rise out of me, no matter that she's dead. So I refuse to set the alarms out ... for fear of, well you know ... Conrad thinks I am absolutely certifiable ... he wants to know how I could possibly be scared of people who no longer "exist" ... ok whatever... you guys KNOW they totally do. People don't just DIE and cease to exist ... they go somewhere else and sometimes I think some of them stay around and hang out. Ask any of the family- I know they were at the wedding ... and some of them had some odd senses of humor. I can totally see them hanging out around here.

Well as sorry I am my friend gets sad, I am happy to hear I am not completely crazy ... other people DO hear things ... so HA Conrad ...