Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before and After

Did I tell you that Amy is an interior designer? No? Well ....

I had a few ideas for the living room ... and while she was here, I thought I'd ask her - her opinion. I told her what I wanted to do and THANKFULLY she said it was a good idea. I had already bought the paint and the mirror ... :)

I had seen on some decorating show, that you want your fireplace to POP, since it's a feature, especially if you're selling. Well I'm of the mind why make everything nice and perfect for when you're SELLING only? Why can't you make things nice and perfect for YOURSELF while you're in the house? So I wanted my fireplace to POP. Our walls are already a very light latte or mocha color ... I call it "khaki" but I think it's really like "Desert Doone" or something like that. So I went to the paintstore and got a small can of paint- about three shades DARKER than the other walls ... with the intention to ONLY paint the wall with the fireplace this color. Also, when we build our house, we're going to have a gentleman's den - so I bought a new mirror for above the fireplace that will also transfer very well into the new house, into Conrad's room. It's a mirror done in a chocolate leather, with belt loops all over it ... very "manly" ...

My other goal was to really clean off the mantle. We had family pics, family heirlooms, vases, etc. ... and a puzzle we had done and modge podged. I thought it was time for our mantle to grow up. Here are the before and afters .... and yes, I did this yesterday ... it was for sure a GOOD FRIDAY!

Fireplace Close up BEFORE

Fireplace Close Up AFTER

Full Living Room BEFORE
Full Living Room AFTER
Night and Day, huh? I love it! How freaking awesome is THAT ???!!! All three of us loved it !!! It has me inspired to tackle other things now that I have been so lazy about ... I am real proud of this. The only thing new is the mirror ... everything else from the mantle I got from other parts of the house. That clock was $1 at a garage sale!!! ... and you can see we just moved our puzzle over behind the couch oh and the BIG change ... we switched the couch and the loveseat out ... that way the fireplace wasn't so blocked ... AWESOME, huh?

We miss you AMY!!!! We enjoyed your stay and you're welcome back any time .... and don't you know that sweet thing went and got us a gift card to Grand Luxe to say thank you to us. COMPLETELY not necessary - but very sweet and we will SO use it!!!!