Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girls Night

Yesterday Amy's schedule was messed up- so she ended up getting out closer to 6PM- I waited for her after work and we hit the Galleria for some major window shopping!!! ... and we also ate at Grand Luxe Cafe which is THE BEST restaurant EVER, ANYWHERE ...

Today when I got home from work, she had cooked me an AMAZING dinner. Some people just have "the touch" - it was super yum! A chicken dish with creamy mushroom sauce with wild rice and asparagus with lemon and butter. OMG! I am so glad we have leftovers!!!!

Tomorrow we're off - Amy has a tiny bit of treatment and then we're heading off to eat Mexican baby. Katoe bar the door! I intend to paint a bit tomorrow- the wall behind the fireplace and I need to get some dogfood for the baby- just small errands.

It's been a great week. I know Amy isn't here for a good reason - cancer is terrible, but she is very positive and happy and I think she's going to be fine. It's been an absolute pleasure to have her here ... it's been a nice week.



Dickie said...

I am SOO proud of both of you for opening your heart and home to someone who needs are an awesome woman!