Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Year!

Greetings from Anniversary- Land!

One year ago pretty much this MINUTE (6:45 PM) we were pronounced man and wife. Conrad and I talked Friday and agreed to regroup today to see if we were going to continue this deal or what. HA~ kidding! We're good ... we're great!

So yesterday I just laid around and read a book, and washed clothes and just ... hung out. We then went to dinner at the Grand Luxe and used the gift card Amy gave us a few weeks ago. SUPER YUM- we love that place, but it's in the Galleria, so we don't go together often. We had an appetizer, dinner, dessert AND coffee! Then we walked into a few of the shops around there ... and just digested. :)

Today we had coffee and read the paper and then went out and looked at some land around here. We found two GREAT neighborhoods that would be nice. One of them is WAY out of the price range, and the other one is probably right on. We did that for four hours AND had lunch ... and it was a nice time. We even stopped at an open house - you know, one of the kind where the realtor is there, the people who live there aren't ... we just were out and about. Right now I am making South of the Border Casserole (from the Delicious Melicious Blog) and some seasoned black beans. Very nice anniversary and no ... we didn't do gifts. I look at it like Valentine's Day- you should spend the day together and maybe get some grub, but I don't need the "present pressure" ... and I think Conrad agrees. We just had a nice day and a nice weekend.

We actually know of TWO couples who didn't make it to their first year, isn't that CRAZY ... seems like an awful small amount of time for things to go wrong- but we're not judging!

Happy new week you guys!



Jess said...

Yay! Happy anniversary! I agree that I can't imagine not making it to your first anniversary. If you can't even get that far then there were likely problems before the wedding that mean you should never have gotten married to begin with. I keep hearing that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and I hope that's true, because so far ours has been easy/wonderful!