Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rain Rain

It started raining Friday afternoon on the way home from work. It rained until after dinnertime. Then it started back up at 6:30 AM yesterday and went for TEN HOURS. It was SO awesome!!! We really needed it ... it was nice to lay in bed yesterday morning and listen to it. I got up, started my coffee and then later, I headed out to the library.

One of the things I was excited about was a book that had been on my list FOREVER but had never been available before - The Complete Cheapskate by Mary Hunt. I suppose in these economic times, everyone had the same idea I did- HOW do you cut things out of the budget? Well ... and especially with this insurance thing hanging over my head. I may owe money, I may not. But in the meantime I have gotten serious about cooking at home and serious about bringing my lunch ... I also was trying to start back up on my garage saling- but it was raining yesterday. That's ok I'll pull the money out of my wallet (so I won't spend it this week) and use it next Saturday. I've also told Conrad we should only go out to eat once a week ... and he agreed. Oh! and the most important thing- I am taking this week to read up on container gardens. I want to lower the grocery bill and to me, produce is maybe the most expensive thing. I don't want to dig up the yard though - so I'm going container garden. I want to do a few herbs like basil and thyme and rosemary - I'd like to try some green onions maybe some tomatoes. I don't know yet - I am going to read up on what you can grow in containers this week. We don't need A LOT ... but I think it's a good experiment for this year.

Anyway. I recommend the book --- I think she also has a weekly newsletter you can sign up for. Good luck! Here's to all of us getting more frugal!