Saturday, April 25, 2009


I went out this morning for my first garage sales of the season. Didn't get too much- a necklace and a purple Vision cookware bowl .... it's a big circle with a lid. A nice casserole dish. I don't think it's ever been used.

On the way back home I passed an area out in the country that has a house, pool, guest house and 13 acres- for sale. I told Conrad about it and we went out and looked at it. $750K .... it even has a pond with a dock and it's done in sort of a log cabin style and has another little "outdoor kitchen" type building. Very nice and no, we're not getting it. I'd say that is above the budget, BUT we are now in agreement. 1) We want to BUILD a house and 2) we do not want to live in a subdivision. We're going to be looking at - at least an acre. We don't mind houses close by- like if we SEE another house, that's cool - but we don't want to open our window and touch our neigbors house like right now.

We're thinking in this economy, with all the foreclosures and cheap land- we are going to go ahead and research and buy a piece of land. Get a jump on it ... there's no problem with getting a nice deal now and having it paid off before we start building.

So tomorrow afternoon we're going to look at a few lots. Same area of town, same town ... just a little something bigger. I'm pretty certain he won't let me name it Abercrombie Acres- but we'll come up with something cool.