Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vitamins and Fights

Do you like the new blog?

Conrad and I had a rare argument on Thursday night AND I am dead serious about the content, which seems sort of silly now. I had just gotten back from the gym and I was tired and sweaty ... I came in, got myself some dinner and ate. Then just as an aside I said out loud to Blanca ... " I sure wish daddy would go get us some ice cream or brownies" ... and Conrad said, "We don't need ice cream or brownies" and I said, "Are you calling me fat?"

I have to tell you, it did not go well from there. I really DID want to know what he meant by that, but now, days later, I think he meant that when things like that come into the house, they disappear fast. It's almost not worth having it here ... but at the time, tired and hot and sweaty it sounded worse than what it was ... now though, it's kind of funny.

Also the doc called on Friday- thyroid doc. My dog gone levels are off, AGAIN ... They say now I've gone hyperthyroid ... so they've asked me to please start taking my high dose medicine on Mon, Wed and Fri and take my new low dose medicine on Tues, Thur, Sat and Sun. I guess that's supposed to even me out. It may also explain why I'm always hungry lately ... but they also said I have NO Vitamin D in my body. Most people have 50, and I have like 2 ... and they said 20 is when they start to worry about people. So I had to call this Mega Pharmacy called Biotech and order the Vitamin D-3, in the 50,000 international unit dose. How much is that? Well, when you take a multi-vitamin you get about 400 international units. So I have to take one of these mega-vitamins once a week for awhile. Something tells me that these things are STRONG and they are going to make me sick as a dog. I think though when levels go as low as mine, it can be fatal. I'm sure not right AWAY, but say i didn't go to the doc for a year and this was going on, I'd probably be in bad shape.

Pretty wild, huh?