Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Santa Fe Flats

Well ... this is one of our favorite restaurants ... If I post about the good ones (Pecos Grill the other day),. then I have to post about the bad ones ... hello Santa Fe Flats!

I signed up for their newletters and special offers and I've used a few. Most of them are great - buy one get one free and TOTALLY worth it. I really love this place, it's delicious- I've never eaten a bad thing there.

This morning there was an April Fool's deal in my email. It said come in, buy two entrees and get a free appetizer - so I came home tonight and told Conrad I'd like to go. So we went. We ordered and I asked for our appetizer - she said I needed the print out. I didn't have the print out- so I asked her to please ask Tyler, the owner, if he would honor the offer anyway. It was the ONLY reason we came. Well the answer was no. Can you even BELIEVE that?! Not me. It's always been such a nice place. I am so disappointed.

We paid, and I filled out the customer comment card and I left Mr Tyler a note. I said I was disappointed. I said we came often and we loved the place and I said that the customer service was terrible ... that I could not believe they would not honor their offer. It was not advertised anywhere outside- I HAD to have gotten the email to have known about it. I told him I was going to go on the B4U Eat Houston website and put a review on the site about the experience AND that we would never be back.

I think Conrad thinks I'm sort of on the edge and maybe overreacting- but I WORK in customer service. It's what I do all day- and what happened tonight was really bad. It's the only reason we went out tonight ... and I think they need to know they can lose customers this way. I am not sorry that i told them.

I am sorry we'll never be back, but now I just vow to learn how to make the green chile enchiladas. As we were walking out. I saw Tyler pick up the note and he looked really perplexed while he was reading it... but at least I know he got it.