Thursday, January 8, 2009

War of the Roses

My new car does not yet have XM Radio installed. I miss it- but I just haven't had the time yet to get that installed -in the meantime, I have been listening to Houston stations. 104 with Roula and Ryan in the morning so far is my favorite. After today, FOR SURE.

They have a Thursday segment called War of the Roses. Basically if you think your one true love is being UNtrue ... they will call and offer to give that person 12 roses, to send to the person of their choice absolutely free. The goal, I guess, is to bust them sending the flowers to someone other than the caller.

So today Lydia calls and she says that her boyfriend, Nick, since the summer- has been acting weird. They went to his family reunion in Wichita Falls in August and he has been crazy ever since. His cousin, Amara, calls non-stop. They are constantly emailing and texting and IM'ing. Lydia has looked at the IM's, etc and said they are fine, normal but still- why the obsession with the cuz? To make matters worse, he has begun to go on "business trips" to Wichita when he NEVER did before. Christmas was awful- all she got was a DVD and she wants to know WHAT IS UP.

So Roula calls Nick, posing as a florist and tells him he has won a dozen free roses- he can send to anyone of his choice. Lydia, unbeknowst to him, is listening in. Nick falls for it STAT and says yes, send them to Amara.

OMG! Lydia just started SCREAMING at him. He finally figures out he's been had, he's on the radio and HE gets mad. He tells Lydia she's sick and sad and sorry and Lydia just says LOOK what is going on with your COUSIN? He says do you REALLY want to go here, on the radio all over Houston and she says yes - and he says FINE. I am in a relationship with her. OMG! Lydia freaks out, the DJ freaks out- GROSS GROSS GROSS ... and when Lydia said WHY did you do this to me? Why did you keep this going since August and IDIOT BRAIN says he did not want to ruin her holidays- she says my HOLIDAYS? He said yes- you know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and she said um- what about August, September, October- No HOLIDAYS there, IDIOT ... and he is basically just straight busted. So Roula says listen, you guys can take this offline and Lydia, if you want, you can call us back and update us. Lydia says no I do NOT want to take this offline. I do not want to EVER speak to you again, NICK! and she hangs up.

Ryan, the other DJ- just says - Nick DUDE ... and Nick screams WHATEVER and hangs up.

WOW- cheating, cheating with a cousin, for MONTHS, from 8 hours away - or more and then calling your heartbroken girlfriend a sicko and telling her she looks stupid to everyone in Houston. What a slime bag. THEN when you are busted, you're mature enough to say WHATEVER to every question presented to you, asking you about your behavior. Do people REALLY think they can get away with this? There is nothing I can't stand more than a dishonest man - or someone trying to "spare" your feelings when really, it's just too much work for them to come right out and admit they're dirt. Lord have MERCY I have had my share of those- lots of bags of dirt hanging out in my past. FERTILIZER! The whole lot of them. :) (cheeky smirk here) ... gracious sakes alive, there's a lot of dirt in Minnesota, Dallas, Florida- just to name a few.

and what is wrong with ME that I am totally into it, go to work, tell my friends about it and find out they listen to it too! I am so so so going to listen every Thursday, even after I replace my XM Radio. It's just too addicting ... Conrad, in the meantime, has vowed to refuse any free offers of flowers from this point onward ... :)