Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tattle Tails

I had mentioned before that Conrad and I both had sort of rough weeks. I was really busy at work, which is a welcome and wonderful thing- but it seemed that every night all I had energy to do was come home and crash ... Conrad on the other hand, services a lot of med schools and universities. Things are just gearing back up after the Christmas holidays, so he was running like a crazy man. He was home late at least three days and I think we ate dinner separately for three days. It was a wild week.

So we decided to lay around on Saturday morning (which we did) and then take ourselves out on a date. We went to see Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood) and it was AWESOME! PLEASE go see it ... great movie and not even something I would normally see ... we then went to Olive Garden. We had a gift card AND a coupon. SCORE! So off we went. We left the movie theatre and turned into the area where the restaurant is.

Out of nowhere, this Explorer sort of cuts us off and jumps right in front of us. He sort of had to over correct and me, being skittish still of driving, I laid my hand on Conrad's arm and asked him to please not follow that weirdo so close. So Conrad slowed down, just in time to see this dude almost jump the curb as we all turned right onto the main road. I looked over at Conrad and said um, is he drunk? We watched for a little longer and the guy never really drove ERATICALLY but there was just something really off. He'd get really close to leaving his lane - he'd slam on his brakes right before hitting someone. I reached for my phone and Conrad got up right beside him and I am NOT lying- this dude was almost passed out in his car, on one of the busiest streets in Houston. His head would lower lower lower and then he'd jerk it up. He was SO drunk or having some sort of a diabetic reaction or something. So I went ahead and called 911 and reported him and his location and his license plate. I felt sort of bad later - I'm not trying to ruin someone's life - I mean car impounded, felony on his record, court costs, community service- a DWI is no small thing. But Conrad reminded me there could have been a minivan full of kids up ahead and what if this guy had just full out passed out and rammed into them, killing the entire family? An over exageration, sure- but it's happened before. How many of those sad stories have you heard? So I think we did the right thing. It was VERY scary to witness it up close and I'm very glad I asked Conrad not to follow him so close when he first cut us off ... I didn't want to be anywhere near that man once we saw his true condition. I have been very hyper-sensitive since my own wreck. I watch EVERYONE - and I slow down at green lights ... I just don't trust people to drive the way they're supposed too - and this guy gave me a bad feeling from the second I saw him.l so glad I listened to my instincts on this one.

Afterwards, we went on and had a lovely dinner and are now home safe. Thanks be to God for THAT!