Thursday, January 15, 2009

18 Hours

... until the weekend. For some reason this week was LONG and I was TIRED and poor Conrad - he had two bad days. Last night he came home looking pretty bad. He had a headache and was really tired. I think we are both beat ... I don't even know why. I just know I am READY for the weekend.

I got some of the medical bills in for the accident. It comes to like $11,400 - and my health insurance sent a note that basically said this is a car accident, please send this to your car insurance and whatever they don't pay we'll review. I already know Allstate will pay $2500 cause that's what my personal injury is ... and I guess after that, I'll send it back to my health insurance. I mean, it WAS a health problem and I think they SHOULD pay it. If they don't, I am prepared to fight ... it sort of put me in a bad mood though to get something like that in the mail.

So now I am ready to go to bed ... I just want to sleep it off and look forward to tomorrow evening. I am planning on making some of my grandma's chili and I want to see Gran Torino and I think we were talking about going to see a foreclosure in a friend of mine's neighborhood. I'd also like to price another XM radio. I miss the one that was in my truck.

Happy weekend to you all.