Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here's a nasty little secret about me- I name my cars. I also know if they are boys or girls, usually on sight. The name, takes a few days. I have ALWAYS named my cars.

Here's a run down:

1984 Isuzu Impulse- silver- no name- no sex
1994 Ford Ranger- gold - Truckie- boy
1997 Ford Probe- black- Sport- boy
1998 Chry Sebring- black- Joe Black- boy
2001 Ford Explorer- silver- Space Ghost- boy
2004 Chevy Silverado full size- red- Lady Bug- girl

and now introducing ....

2004 Toyota Solara- silver- Moonbeam- girl
Conrad thinks naming the cars is ridiculous, but I maintain that every car or truck I have owned has had it's on personality ... and this girl is no different. Also in the running was Outlaw or Rebel. Why OUTLAW, Conrad wanted to know. Cause I said- she's sleek, she's fast, she takes corners on two wheels- people are looking AT her and FOR her- she's an OUTLAW. And Rebel, he asked? Ah well Rebel in honor of the good southern people who faught in the War of Northern Agression which I STILL say we totally won ... and then Conrad looked at me and said ok, so you went from Outlaw, to Rebel to Moonbeam? What are you a hippie? No, not at all- a Moonbeam, a shining ray of light ... that silver light that comes from the moon. It's spiritual, it's peaceful, it's beautiful ... it's a Moonbeam ...

and after much consideration, Moonbeam it was. It sticks. It's ... her

Here are some pics ... she's beautiful, she's perfect. Four years old, 34K miles, not a mark on her. She was a lease car, with one owner from FL. Clearly an old man who never went anywhere. There wasn't a pierce of dirt, a rip a tear to be found on her ... and when you're out on the open road, she plays old school 90's rap music like an old pro. Snoop Dogg never sounded so good ... she's in showroom condition. I'm so proud.



Tracy said...

What a gorgeous car!! You are going to have so much fun with her..

Tracy C said...

Pretty! My first car I named "BB" (not as fast as a bullet :) My bestfriend named her car Tinkerbell....I totally get naming the car.

Dickie said...

Nice ride, Kid Stuff...good choice, it is SO you, sassy and yet elegant! Love ya!, Mom