Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long Day


Long day, huh?

I started listening to this morning when I got into work at 7:30 this morning ... and it just kept on and on and on - I actually watched the swearing in - but the rest of the day I just listened. Very historical and I did tear up- along with every coworker in the building.

Now I am watching the first dance at one of the Inaugural Balls ... and they are dancing to Conrad's and my first dance song! At Last, by Etta James. Such a great song ...

Then CRAZY that Kennedy had a seizure right there at the luncheon - just a wild day. But I'm glad I got to see it and listen to it. I'm so glad we have that sort of technology now.

I learned today the reason Washington and the early Presidents were sworn in on April 20th ... and it was because it took that long to gather up all the ballots and determine who had won the election. I always seem to forget that we didn't have cameras and news and the internet in the 1700's - whoops! But one of the cable channels had Presidental information all weekend and Conrad and I watched some of it- we watched Washington and Andrew Jackson and wow, that Andrew Jackson was something else- he was a duel fighter AND his wife was married before. She says she got a divorce and it was determined YEARS after Jackson married her that her other husband never got the divorce. They called her am adulturer and bigot until the day she died. VERY intersting - oh and she died twenty years before Andrew did. Heart attack. Buried in Tennessee.

I really want to watch more of those and read more. I guess every man had something interesting about him - and I'd like to figure out what those were. Thus. I suppose something else for me to concentrate on for this 2009.



Jess said...

I think that's a great idea. And you should share your newfound wisdom with us! Presidential history is so interesting.