Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I feel like there's been so much going on, I should update.

Health: I have been sick sick sick- since the Sunday after Christmas ... I finally broke down and went to the doc on Monday. It's turned into a chest infection. So I'm on a Z Pack, some nasal stuff, Prednisone and that lovely hydrocodone cough syryp. YUMMY. Three days later, I am feeling much better.

Insurance: They called today. The wreck has been deemed my fault, by a statement by the witness. Which, if you asked me, he was a very self important man- directing traffic and shouting orders. I am sure he LOVED being contacted by the insurance company. So they called today and said based on him, it was my fault. The good news is, I hit a Ranger Rover- and only did $13K in damage to his vehicle and he's also fine. I had $25K in coverage. So they won't be coming after me for anything. YAY! A month's worth of worry is now gone ...

I talked to Conrad about it all tonight and said you know, financially, this was the best thing ... I had a truck with 100K miles, and I owed a lot of money on it still. Because I rolled in car after car, my monthly payment was high and the gas was killing me. Now I have a car with 30% of the miles, a $175 something lesser car payment, GAP insurance so I don't worry and I filled up for $22 yesterday and it gave me 450 miles worth. I mean WOW. Monthly, we're talking about a $400-500 savings or so PER MONTH. If you want to talk about clearing up OTHER DEBT- it's as good as me just DOING IT - I mean, financially, this is better position to be in for a car owner. But wow, what a road to get here. I still remember the sound, the feeling and I still limp from the impact. I don't think I would have chosen this.

BUT, we're here, so I'll take it!

I took my fancy cough syrup so soon I should be getting tired. I'll let ya'll go- two days til the weekend!


Oh and for good measure, I included a pic of the baby and her daddy from a few weeks ago. They are SO ridiculous.