Monday, January 26, 2009


Um ... not sure whether to be offended or not.

I had to go to CVS tonight. I didn't feel well most of the weekend and I started to feel really bad today when I got home from work. I remembered CVS had a Clinic you can go to for small things. So I ran down there since it was after work and my doc was closed and saw them. She gave me two prescriptions and I told her the pharmacy could go on ahead and fill them.

So I walked over to the pharmacy part and told the man I had just been in the Minute Clinic and my name was Hopkins, etc ... and he said ok, are you going to wait? Yep I said ... I wandered over to the magazine rack and saw a new publication called Southern Lady. Well HECK YEAH! ... so I got a copy and sat down to wait.

About 15 minutes and a lovely recipe for chocolate fondue later ... I heard "Karyn Hopkins. Prescription waiting for Karyn Hopkins" ... so I went up front and paid.

When I got into the car, I ripped open the bag and took my first dose and noticed something odd. On top of each prescription was HO WAITING ... I mean WHAT!? They just LOOK at me and decide I'm a HO. Please ... I was wearing black yoga pants and an OU National Championship 2009 Shirt (don't ask ... darn CONRAD) ... I mean, I look FAR from ho-ish. I didn't even have my sparkly eye shadow or dangly earrings on. JEEZ. Judgemental.

Then it hit me - OH ... Ok I get it ... HO meaning that's for HOPKINS .. and then WAITING because I told the guy I was going to wait. I suppose if I still had my former name it would have been AB WAITING ... and that's not nearly so offensive.

Ah, we learn a little bit each day, do we not? Yes ... for awhile I thought CVS was totally harshing my mellow, you know what I'm saying?