Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year


Happy 2009 ... I am happy to see it here. We had a good 2008- especially with getting married and all ... but I have to say the car wreck on December 15th certainly helped it go out with a BANG and caused some stress and some frantic car buying ... but it all came out ok. No matter how much I worry and hem and haw - it normally does. Wish I could remember that when I am in the midst of whatever drama or crisis is going on. :) Ah well- always room for self improvement.

Tomorrow I will post pics of the new car - she's a beauty! I am very happy with her. Drives likes a dream. It's almost Saturday - I bought it on Monday night and STILL I have a half a tank of gas. I am going to be SO spoiled when it comes to that! No more $90 fill ups ...

No big resolutions here really. It WAS time for me to get my nails filled- my fake ones ... and I decided to just take them off. I've been under the impression for ten or more years that they make my hands look better when really it may be a matter of self control. I'm a nail biter- UNLESS I have fake ones on. But it's not healthy- it's expensive AND looking at your nails is a good way to determine health and I can't see mine through all the acrylic. So I took them off... and my "resolution" is to keep them off, not bite them and grow my own ... so far, so good. Day 2. HA! I have never made it past day 1 - so I'm already doing well. I feel good- they feel good. Very freeing ... and should be good on the budget too and there's really nothing more I enjoy LESS than going to get them filled. They always scratch me and hurt me with the drimel tool - so there's always that to look forward to.

Happy January 2nd everybody!



Tracy said...

Happy New Year!! I am so glad to hear things are going good. I've been out of touch with the holidays, so it was exciting to hear you got your new car. Toyota's are awesome. I know you will love it!

Tracy C said...

Hi, I'm Tracys sis-in-law and I've enjoyed reading your blog! It sometimes sounds like we could have separated at birth!
Anyway...I recently stopped with the fake nails as's been 3 months. Just now to the point that all traces of the "thin nail bed" from the acrylic is gone. I used the Sally Hanson "hard as nails" product. I really worked. You have to apply everyother day or so. Good Luck!