Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So Conrad and I were talking about the post from yesterday- stripper names. If he follows the email directions, his name would be Buff Countryclub. Funny stuff.

So he and I were just joking around and I said something about him not being able to go to strip clubs and he said "I DON"T GO TO STRIPCLUBS!" ...

and then he said "This is why I can't have any friends!" ... first of all, he was kidding but I decided to go with it. I accused him of using any excuse in the book a man could come up with to go- like, one of his buds getting married (but I think they are all already married) etc ... and he said, "What if I had a friend that was DYING and he had never been, so we took him?" ... and I said, "Oh, so your friend is dying and YOU have to go to the stripclub." ... and of course, there was some eyerolling and some " I can not BELIEVE you would kill off your friend to see a naked lady?"

I was totally kidding ... but I said "No, you can not go with him" ... and "I can't believe you would REALLY want to go" ... and just some general guilt stuff ...

Then I said I didn't know what I was going to post about tonight. I had no topic readily available and he said, "How about how I got in TROUBLE for a HYPOTHETICAL story? About a HYPOTHETICAL friend who was HYPOTHETICALLY dying and how we went to a HYPOTHETICAL strip club? Which, by the way, I never even said I was GOING. Post about that! Post about how it never even happened and I got in trouble. GOD!"

(grin) ok, so that sounded good to me. I am posting about it. It's so much fun to get him riled up.

But I have to say ... it would take a heck of a lot more than a dying man- who by the way is also a LIAR because all men have been to a club - dragging all his buddies out to see naked ladies before he kicks the bucket. I think Conrad needs a better reason... and I think the "dying" man needs to go to church and get some annointing so as to make his path to Heaven a little more clear.

As we say in Texas, He needs killin'.

Lady H


Liz said...

Hypothetical trouble is sometimes worse than real-life trouble. At least in our house. :)

Tracy C said...

Amen sister!!!