Thursday, September 18, 2008

One More Day?

Ah, good times last night. I called our water company and discovered they had hired themselves an answering service. Who knows where they are- safari, Hawaii, Grand Caman?! I am TICKED. So I asked the lady if they were getting their messages and she said yes and she said they had provided a note for them to read to residents. I asked her to read it. "Your water and sewer services have been suspended until we regain electric service." REALLY?! NO JOKE .. YOU DON'T SAY. Um, if you are a UTILITY company, shouldn't you be available in times of crisis?! I was so angry- but I was polite to the lady because it wasn't HER fault, but I did leave behind a BLISTERING message for the water people.

Next I did the big no no and called the electric company. They are asking you not to call, they know where the outages are- you are only supposed to report downed power lines. But I called anyway ... and I asked them woman if they knew our water service ran off of electric. She said no. I told her that it was my understanding that the City of Houston restored water FIRST ... all of the water plants were restored first- she said right. I said well if you knew we had no water, you would have made us a priority- she said most likely. I said has our water company, Inline Utilities, called you to tell you we are without water? She had no record. Of course not, it's hard to call from the island! So I reported it myself. She then looked up our address and said we were actually on the schedule to be restored tomorrow- Friday. So I am HOPEFUL if not Friday, then this weekend at the longest. Please pray for that!

My new concern is I wonder if anyone needs to be at Inline Utilities to flip the switch- or is that automatic? Conrad sat down and wrote them an UGLY email last night letting him know how displeased we were. We also went ahead and called our neighbor who is also outraged. I think that Inline Utilities will be getting a little visit from Mr Conrad when they get back from sunning themselves.

Being without power is uncomfortable, of COURSE- but being without water is impossible. I hope the neighbor we called, calls another neighbor who calls another ...



Today I ask you donate to the SPCA of Houston ... many many pets are not a lucky as Blanca.