Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy Night


Conrad and I had our blood tests/medical tests last night for our life insurance policy. MetLife came to the house and did the whole thing, which was nice. I made Conrad leave the room when they weighed me and Conrad made me leave the room when they took the urine sample. HA- just kidding, we BOTH left the room for that. But we had to fast for six hours before and nothing but water after lunch- and for the Diet Coke hog, Conrad, that was hard.

By the time this man left, we were ready to munch on the table legs. Which is SO funny because we've eaten lunch and then eaten nothing else until 7 or 8 before ... but because we COULDN'T last night, we REALLY wanted to. So weird.

So we ran to Chili's since it would have taken way longer for me to cook anything- scarfed down dinner and headed back home to check out the NFL opener. At 9, we switched over to watch John McCain. Um ... the first little bit there, where they played the video, seemed a lot more like an info-mercial ... UGH ... I can't STAND when people toot their own horns ... and sadly, he is my only choice. I sort of HAVE to vote for him ... so I waited for his speech, hoping it would get better. It didn't ... I almost fell asleep. I had to get up and go take a bubble bath and was in bed by 9:40 - THAT'S how much I don't like his public speaking skills.

It is pretty cool though that his mom is 96 - that sort of makes me feel like he may live through the Presidentcy ... I know people were concerned because he's 72 and had some melanoma scares - but WOW, he has some longevity in his family! Conrad reminds me that Reagan was older as well- and went through two terms ... I am VERY comfortable with Sarah Palin, however, so either way, I'm ok and ready to vote in two months!

That's all folks!