Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Nothing much to say today, but I always feel guilty when I don't post.

I am just incredibly busy right now ... both at work and at home. That's how it goes when you go out of town. You come back to laundry and basic every day things that are a few days behind. I also had to catch up on my sleep ... and Blanca did too ... she must have gotten a lot of exercise and playtime in at the doggie daycare she was at.

But we're back to everyday life and it just gets busier by the day. Conrad and I are starting to think it's the city we've chosen to live in. It's not this way for a lot of our family and friends ... so we're going into soul searching mode ... something to make sure we work hard and play hard, but that we get plenty of time to relax too.

I know what all those psychics like John Edward and Lisa Williams say- and really, I pay attention to most of it. But I disagree on one thing- and that's what I think we only get one pony ride. I don't believe in reincarnation - if that were true, it would completely freak me out. That could mean my coworker is my grandpa or some such nonsense- and I'd like to think that after we're done here on this earth, we get a little bit of rest. Who wants to come back and do this all over again? So- when Conrad says this is our one chance and we need to do it right- I tend to agree ... and we are creatures of comfort and habit ... we want a place to be able to detox and call home. We're working on it.