Sunday, September 14, 2008



Well I think that may have been the worst night of my life ... it was the scariest thing I have ever been through. The wind just howled and the rain came and it sounded like the end of the world. I sat up all Friday night just listening to it pound on our house. We lost power at about 3AM and water shortly after we woke up. All the hurricane prep in the world isn't enough when one of those babies hits. I am no longer a fan of extreme weather. I no longer think it's cool or in any way fun or exciting. It SUCKS.

Anyway, after two days of hot, humid, muggy and gross conditions... no showers, all the food spoiled, heating canned food in the cans on the grill ... no water, so washing with a cup of the water we filled the bathtubs with ... we decided we had to go. It's SO hard to live like that ... I feel so bad for the Katrina victims now. We hopped in the truck and headed north - and found a hotel that's pet friendly and has internet.

Every coworker I know is in the same situation ... and I'm not sure if they can get into work or not. Most that I talked to can't ... and since I AM on the hurricane team ... I decided to head North to see about getting some internet, etc so I can work remotely. We found it and I hope we're not here too long. We're anxious to get back and get back to normal. In some places they are saying it could be four weeks. If that's the case, I think work is going to try to get us some hotel rooms. I sincerely hope so!

Anyway, we're ok ... tired and hungry and confused- a little beaten up but it is so so so so much worse for so many other people. Oh, and we lost some shingles and have a leak in the bathroom ceiling, that's our only damage. It really could have been SO much worse.

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DeeDee said...
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DeeDee said...

wow Karyn. I am so glad you guys are ok. Is there flooding near your house? Where are you now? I have been a CNN junkie for the past few days. I had it on all Friday evening and most of the day Saturday.

Keep me posted!

(Sorry that first deleted comment was me. (I had some major spelling errors and it made me look really stupid, so I deleted it.)