Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunkered Down

Still here!!!!

I am working from home this morning ... and it's busy. We may all be at home cowering, but the rest of the world goes on.

Galveston is already starting to get high surf and another sea-side community called Kemah is getting some pretty big waves too. One of the rollercoasters there has a fence around it and the gate from the fence is almost in the water already ... it's just blowing back and forth. They are gonna lose that gate!

Latest news is that we should have some gusty winds by about lunchtime and it's still really BEAUTIFUL outside, very disarming ... and around 6-8PM the rain will come. Where we live, maybe 5-10" .... but we are 2 feet up ... we're in a pier and beam house- YAY Conrad.

By midnight, full landfall and then we just hang on tight!

Conrad actually got us a room in College Station and if conditions are worse by lunch we're packing up and getting out for the night. He's worried about wind and the roof blowing off. That would NOT be fun.

Peace and Love!



Jess said...

So weird that the weather is gorgeous and yet you know what's coming. Imagine what it must have been like back before we had things like radar to predict hurricanes. Everything is lovely and then BAM.

Good luck!

DeeDee said...

fun fun fun - i need to watch the news so I can see what is going on down there.