Thursday, September 11, 2008

IKE Yikes

Hurricane Ike is barreling right towards us. Stormcasters are saying it's over 200 miles wide, that means pretty much where ever it lands in Texas, we're going to get it.

They are likening it to Hurricane Alicia which hit in 1983. I remember that storm- we lived in Beaumont which was about two hours from here. Water was in the hallways at school. It was BAD. Even those of us who don't care about hurricanes and never think much about them are a little concerned.

We live about as far north in Houston as you can- and they are calling for 100mph winds. The city is asking us to stay put and let the people in Galveston and people on the coast go first ... it not actually be AS bad where I live ... but it will be bad.

I think tomorrow we'll just be hunkering down and waiting. I better make sure we have food ready we don't have to cook! Poor Conrad and I will starve to death. Oh well, I have enough fat on me to last awhile. HA!



DeeDee said...

VERY EXCITING - if it does get bad - send me pictures.

The Tomball Three said...

LOL- you are SO much like me!