Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back from AR


We are back from our Arkansas trip. I never like to post when Conrad is out of town or when we have a vacation- because it's sort of like a big red sign to the entire web community- HEY COME ROB OUR HOUSE! ... or HEY COME ON IN, CONRAD'S GONE ... COME SCARE ME GOOD!

So ... you probably didn't know we had gone. But we did- we went to NW Arkansas for Labor Day to see some friends I have up there, from my Wal-Mart days. I hadn't been in about three years and for the life of me, I don't know what made me stay away so long. Maybe because when I left Pro Pac and when the other job in Dallas turned out to be such a disaster I felt really sad to leave my marketing career behind ... never knowing I would find an entire new one. Marketing doesn't have to go away forever, but it did for awhile ... and that was too much for me to take, I guess...

But we went and enjoyed our stay- THANKS TRACY! ... and I got to see my friends that I hadn't seen in forever- LOVE YOU DARLENE! ... and it was fun. Conrad says he hasn't ever seen me so relaxed. He said when I'm up there I'm like a completely different person and he's probably right. It occured to me this weekend that although I love South Carolina with all my heart and frequently wish (especially when it's 93% humidity here) that I was still enjoying a nice Dallas fall ... I am completely in love with NW Arkansas. I have been since my first trip. If I could live anywhere, I think that would be the place ...

We ate good, slept good, played good- I took Conrad up to the University of Arkansas and got his picture in the stadium - we drove around Dickson Street and of course, saw the lake. It was a perfect weekend.

I am not staying away that long ever again! I'll be back soon Razorbacks!



DeeDee said...

where in Arkansas were you?

The Tomball Three said...

Fayetteville ... or NW ARkansas

Jess said...

This is so cute! I'm glad you had such a good time.