Thursday, September 25, 2008


Funny how you forget about the basics until you are without them.

Weird how when I didn't have access to a washing machine, all I wanted was clean towels and when I couldn't cook all I wanted to do was cook. Last night we had our first meal at home since this whole mess began. Boy was it good! Just plain ham sandwiches. I got some of the good, soft, white bread ... some mayo, mustard, cheese and ham ... DELICIOUS! I bought three different kinds of Pringles (for the record, I am not impressed with the Loaded Baked Potato one) ... and we went to town. Simple, basic and delicious. We are so tired of restaurants.

Tonight is tacos- from a taco kit.
Friday- Hamburger Pie
Saturday- Chicken N Dumplins
Sunday- Homemade Pizza

It's also sort of pleasant to see the fridge looking so clean and rather empty. When you have it packed full, it's sort of overwhelming. For now, for us, it's good to limit the choices. It seems like everything is overwhelming.

My coworker told me yesterday in the elevator it feels like everyone is sort of wound up. People crying at the drop of a hat, short tempers, frustrations. We are all feeling that. After all, we had two weekends of pretty much stress. No one had electric or air, we didn't even have water. People who had kids had to keep them entertained and lots of people were repairing their homes ... there has been absolutely no "rest" on these weekends. I bet everyone here this weekend just .... lays around. It will be good for us all.

I'm looking for a volunteer opportunity this Sunday .. but other than that, I'm laying around too!



Barrie said...

I'm finally checking up on you. Sounds like it was a really really tough experience. Glad to read you're okay, though.

Tracy said...

You know, that is so true about taking the basics for granted.

I've had a double dose of understanding the importance of the basics, through witnessing what you and Conrad have gone through and then with watching my Aunt Joy lose even the most basic control of her body.

We are such spoiled people, really.

By the way - your 'simple' menu sounds delicious!!!

Love you,