Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back In the Saddle

If that saddle can be run with no power and no water.

We came back to Houston yesterday ... and still no power or water. Conrad has a party to go to on Friday night and I REALLY don't feel up to it. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do ... but getting dressed up and going out doesn't sound super wonderful right now. I just want a hot bath.

I am tired. I am depressed. I am just out of sorts. Conrad and I are starting to snap at each other, but really, we've done pretty ok.

We had water get into the house the night of storm and it wet the carpet in the living room. I thought closing up the house and leaving it in 93 degree weather was a bad idea, but then that cold front came through. It dried it all up and our house didn't even stink when we got in yesterday. We are grateful for that ...

In the meantime, just trying to get by. Back at the office today.



DeeDee said...

so you guys are staying at your hosue even though you have no power or water?

The Tomball Three said...


Jess said...

I'm glad the water didn't ruin your carpet. That's lucky.

I remember when Hurricane Fran came through North Carolina when I still lived there. We were without power for five days but we had a gas water heater, so all of our friends came over to take showers. It really made a difference.

Here's hoping your power and water are restored soon!