Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shirt ReVamp

I have the cutest white peasant-type shirt. It's not ironed, sorry, but it's REALLY cute on! The only problem is, it's white ... so it's getting dingy and I am getting those yellow deodorant rings UGH!!! HATE THAT! (you do know you can soak them in vinegar and it removes the rings, right? But ... I was tired of the white as well) It's a T shirt material too - so super comfy!

So the solution was, to dye it, cause I want to keep it! Say goodbye to the white!

I went out into the garage and grabbed one of Conrad's buckets - filled it with HOT HOT water- and dumped in a packet of RIT dye. I decided to try to go with a navy blue.

Here is the end result - a blue shirt! This shirt REALLY needs to be ironed, I realize it looks like crappola ... but I did get a little result I was NOT expecting but that I really love!

The white stitching on the shirt did not absorb any dye - not anywhere on the shirt, so it gives it a real denim effect and I LOVE it. I can't wait to iron and wear it! I just wanted to show that when something is sort of used up, it doesn't HAVE to be. I've always used dye to revive my clothes, especially if I still love them. While this was going on I got a second bucket from the garage and dyed two pairs of black capris ... they were getting sort of gray and washed out, and I wanted them jet black again. So I saved THREE pieces of clothing and I'm really happy about it!

I suppose if you found something at a thrift store, or a garage sale and you didn't LOVE the color or the buttons or the sleeves, you could do something about it. I am really trying to learn to use up everything I have and if I get tired of it, just change it up! I am TRYING to save money and get this house built!