Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Country Bumpkin- Tomball, Texas

So we found a new little haunt which actually isn't new at all. I think it's been around awhile. It's back off Telge Rd.- sort of out of the way, in an old house. You would have to know where it was OR have someone tell you. I had someone tell me.

Country Bumpkins is only open towards the end of the week and the weekend. So you have to get there while you can! It's run by an older couple and they cook GOOOOOOD. If you've ever been here to visit me or you know me - it's very much like Mel's Country Cafe, but it's closer to our house.

They have FANTASTIC hamburgers and cheese fries. YAY!

It's really quaint on the inside and pretty small - but I totally love it. You can see the menu board on the wall below ... and you order at the counter that sticks out. The counter is attached to the kitchen, so they make everything right there. It's fabulous! They also have this half BBQ/half burger sandwich. It's a burger with some shredded BBQ on top. I've had it. It's good and very messy! ... and very inventive.

.... and I took this pic of the Coke benches and rocker for my SIL - to tease her. At some point, people started giving her Coca Cola stuff- even a set of Coca Cola china. So now anytime we see Coca Cola stuff, Conrad says we should get it for her and then we laugh. I think she likes it fine, but she doesn't LOVE it and she's not a collector. So I took this pic to show her and then Conrad said well actually, these are pretty cool. She'd proabably like them. That's true. They are very cool. I am loving that rocker. It's really nice ... I'd like to have one for the new house.

If you are ever in Tomball, stop by this place. It's great!