Sunday, October 16, 2011

Purging - Part Deux

As part of the purging ... I went through the medicine cabinet. It had not escaped my notice that our little tray we keep it in was becoming WAY full - and I was piling things one on top of the other.

So I was taking out the trash in the bathroom and I thought ... hmmmm... wonder if I should quickly go through the medicine "cabinet" and see what's what.

HERE is what we ended up throwing away - because it was ALL expired.

HOW ridiculous was this? No wonder I sometimes feel like we are living among piles of junk. We combined two households and CLEARLY we had two of everything and a lot expired stuff to boot.

The worst? The WORST made me laugh!

THIS is a bottle of aspirin Mr. CONRAD had, NOT ME, that EXPIRED in December of 2001. That means ... it is almost ten years gone bad and he probably bought in 1999 - that is CRAZY.

I am VERY glad I have started this purging process. I know it sounds nuts, but I feel good knowing that all the medicine we have is good and that the bathroom is WAY clean. We probably should have done purging when I moved in and we combined everything ... we'll have to call the garbage man and have him bring one of those dumpsters they put in your driveway!