Monday, October 3, 2011

Days 3 and 4 - Pineville, SC

No pics for this post! SORRY

Day 3 was spent at home, we just read and hung out - I had a nap. We watched college football and the Food Network. We had some Totino's pizza for lunch which was good. My mom cooks them extra crispy. Delicious! Then that evening we went back to Moncks Corner to the bowling alley - where they have karaoke set up in the bar area. It was really fun. My mom and Brian had a ton of their friends show up. Brian did good - and some crazy couple got up and sang Rock Lobster and made my ears bleed. My mom had a friend show up and he was SERIOUS BUSINESS about his singing and did well. It was fun. We got home really late ... and I slept like a log.

Day 4 was Sunday and my mom's birthday. I gave her present to her. We ate lunch at the house and then headed to "town" that evening for dinner at Chili's and I had to run over to the outlet mall. This wasn't really planned since town is far away ... but at the last minute we decided to. Conrad is not a Gamecocks fan and especially not now that Texas A&M has changed to the SEC- but he does think the shirts that say COCKS are funny. So we ran over to the mall, which was the only place we could think of to go, and found one that was pretty close. He was thrilled with it and I'm sure he'll be wearing it and embarassing me this weekend! He said technically A&M is not SEC until next year, so he can sport it proudly for now. No doubt I'll be having to live with this one for a looong time.

Monday morning I came home and washed clothes and got ready for the week.... and a long week it was! I had a really good time though and it's always nice to see Mom and Brian and the doggies! It's alway sad to leave ... and I wish I could have seen more of my friends and family but it doesn't always work out that way. Maybe next time!