Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heading Over ...

So just for people who don't know - Conrad is in sales and every year he has a chance to earn an incentive trip from one of the companies they sell for. It's the same trip we got to go on for Hawaii, Dominican and Colorado ... so this year it was Ireland. They handle everything - and most of our days are planned out. We do have free time, but they also plan a lot and they do everything right. They put together an AMAZING trip. In order to see and do everything they have us do, we would have to do some crazy research before traveling. They really make sure we experience whatever place we are in!

So we left at 1PM on Friday the 14th. About an hour before we left, my brother called with some stuff. I just refused to let it ruin my trip. So - I turned the phone off and it never really came back on (maybe once when we landed in Newark). I discovered being disconnected was REALLY freeing. Now I turn my phone off every night, and when I nap and when I don't need it. There is no need to be constantly connected and besides, if you are, people can find you. LOL

So we went to the airport and I decided I did NOT need my meds to get from Houston to Newark. It was 3 hours to NJ and that is about my max before I start freaking out. HATE TO FLY. Well that was a mistake cause it was a bumpy flight! But we were on a 777 which makes EVERYTHING better! It was such a big, luxorious plane and they had SO many movies to choose from. I watched Something Borrowed and Hangover II and loved both of them.

When we got to Newark, Conrad made me take my meds and BOY did they help. They said the flight was 7 hours, but it wasn't- it was 5.5 and it was GREAT. I felt like I had the gift of time or something. It wasn't bumpy - we were in a 757 which sucked, it was tiny - but they had games and stuff you could play on the screens in front of you. I didn't sleep, I was so excited ... so I just played my games until we landed.

We were picked up at the airport and it was about an hour ride from Dublin into County Wicklow where the Druids Glen hotel was. I was pretty much trying not to fall asleep on the way. We got there, the room wasn't ready but they had a sitting room ready for us with chocolate croissants and tea/coffee and we hung out there until they were ready for us and of course ... we had to do the obligatory hotel photo as soon as we checked in!

We are TIRED!

Well it was noon Saturday when we checked in (6AM Texas time - and we had been going since 6AM the day before when we woke up) - so we decided to lay down before the big welcome reception at 6. We slept for 5.5 hours! LOL - and I don't know it was a good idea to lay down or not. We were so sluggish! But we got up, got dressed and headed down.

They had a Guinness pouring station and Conrad just helped himself. This is his first beer and he had 5 more, LOL!!!

Dinner that night was rack of lamb - but I don't really "do" lamb and people who didn't got chicken. It was very good and I did try Conrad's lamb. Tasted like roast or steak to me. But ... I'm still glad I got the chicken. We headed out of there at about 10PM and hit the sack. We were exhausted. The next day was Sunday and we had a team building event called the Celtic Challenge and it started at 9AM - so we had to have plenty of sleep!

Oh and dessert that night was something called Banofi. We had never heard of it before- google it - it's like this caramel, banana, whipped cream thing. In Ireland whipped cream is NOT sweet. Ever. It was weird, but the Banofi was SO sweet, you sort of needed the whipped cream to not be sweet. It was delicious. We were all raving about it!