Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cheap Facials - Olay Skin Smoothing Scrub Cream

I met my friend Tracy about ten years ago. We traveled a lot together on the FLW tour and various Wal-Mart events, etc -- and we are a lot alike and clicked immediately. One of our favorite things to do on the road, or at home, was hit the spa. I was a huge massage fan but Tracy never was. She was a facial girl. I didn't really get it because a massage- I mean aromatheraoy, foot rubs, etc ... who would turn that down? Tracy did!

I talked with her a few times about it ... trying to encourage her to come over to my dark side ... and she used to laugh at me and say wait til you turn 30! (I was 26 when we met) --- and she was just a few years older, but she promised me my skin would change later on.

Years went on and one day, maybe 3 years ago, I decided to buy a spa package ... massage, facial, pedicure, etc ... and have an entirely relaxing spa day. I did and I loved it. I got home, went to change into my jammies so the entire day was relaxing - I glanced in the bathroom mirror and WOAH NELLY!

I looked again - and I looked, seriously, 5 years younger. My skin was clean, tight, shiny, sort of pink and dewy.... not a line in sight. I was such a supermodel. How could Conrad be so lucky to have ME? I could NOT believe it and from then on, at about age 33, I was a facial convert. Now adays I get maybe two a year. I always get one in the winter (February ish) because as much as I love cool weather, my entire body gets itchy and flaky ... and I need help after winter ends ... and I usually also get one during the summer, because my pores get all clogged up since it's so hot and humid here. Facials aren't cheap ... I try to be strategic about it.

My friend Kelley is into the microdermabrasion and I probably eventually will be too ... but if you need something to just pick yourself up once a week or even everyday ... and your facial soap, cleanser, whatever is just not doing it for you, then HERE YOU GO.

I recently read a magazine which was reviewing facial products and I found one and decided to try it. They had ones for anti aging, acne etc ... they said this was one was to retain youthful radiance ... I decided to bite. It was $6 at Wal-Mart so why not?

Hello Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub! This little thing is like a facial everyday! I tried it and loved it. It does have the tiny little exfoliating beads but it also has Salicylic Acid and that's good stuff! It tingles and takes away all my little imperfections. I KNOW. You didn't know I had any imperfections well ... maybe I don't - but I won't get any using this.

I have read some reviews where some people have to use it once or twice a week only. I think it just depends on how the acid feels on your face. It sort of burns me if it gets on my lips ... It probably can be very drying. For me, daily has been ok. I do use a Mary Kay mositurizer which works great for me - and maybe that's why I haven't dried out, but this scrub cleanser I am really digging. I use it every morning to start the day all tingly and radiant. For me, it feels like it's just sort of removing that layer of dead skin which makes me flake and sort of ... run down looking.

Suddenly for 6 bucks I am feeling like that day I looked in the mirror and said WOAH hello 2003! ....

I encourage you to give it a try!