Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secrets of a Design Stylist

Have you seen this show on HGTV? Emily Henderson was a Design Star winner ... and she got her own show. I think it's in its second season now and I love it. I DVR it and watch it every week. I can't wait until she has enough episodes so that they play them more than once a week!

Her "deal" is she takes the people in her design studio and has them review items, pick their favorites and tell her why. It's especially fun to see her do this with couples, because she has to combine the design styles of the two. So what she will do  is lay out 10 pictures of different couches. It could be one that's red, one tufted, one sectional, one leather, one victorian, etc ... and the people say "Oh I like the tufted sofa, because it's traditional, but I don't like the brown color ... I like the red of this other couch, it's so fun!" ...

She usually has them also pick out a favorite fabric and sometimes she'll have items there to choose from as well ... like plates, or pottery or books or something. They usually get three choices. Then she will take their choices and come back to them and say, "Ok I've reviewed everything you picked ... Mrs. Brown you are contemporary hippie and Mr. Brown you are traditional bachelor pad ... and so together you are Contemporary Hippie Bachelor. Then she'll design their room as such.

I really, really like it ...

I designed to diagnose myself and I came up with Traditional Whimsical Thrift.

Don't you think so ?? I totally DO!