Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is just a fun post- my mom is a shoe junkie. I might have inherited that sickness. I don't buy them often, but I do seem to keep them forever (if they are in good condition).... and if you can't think of something to get my mom for birthday or Christmas, a shoe is just her ticket. She likes classic, but she also likes funky - and when I buy them fo her, I try for a wild color like royal blue or purple. She digs it. I guess I do too. Case in point:

These are the ones I wore Friday. I actually have had them for like ten years - they are Enzo's and I got them when Foley's was still open. I haven't worn them in forever. I was in the closet that morning and was wearing an outfit in various shades of blue and I thought OH my pale blue patent leather shoes! ... (yeah that is not a trick of the light. These could totally be Easter shoes!) and I went hunting and found them. I have never, ever - on any work day gotten so many comments on my shoes. Everyone noticed them and I started to really like them again. I guess I should dig up some of my old shoes more often. I have an entire rolling bin full of them. Time to put them back into rotation!