Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Rugs!

After making the front door area all spiffy I started thinking about the kitchen. We seem to have random rugs thrown everywhere. Like a rug fairy has come to visit. But if that were true, I'd have much higher quality of rugs!

There are actually nothing wrong with these rugs, except that there is no navy in the main areas of our house. Conrad had them when I moved in - so I don't know, I guess boys gravitate to stuff like navy. He must, our master bedroom is navy.... anyway, the rugs ... they are still in good shape.

But I thought we needed a fresh look and for like $11 - why not? It made me feel better. So I threw these in the washer and folded them up and put them away. I figured we could use them somewhere in the new house, even if it's outside. I still have all the navy bedding from when Conrad lived alone before I took over :)  --- and heck, maybe the upstairs master will be navy and these can be the bathroom rugs. Who knows? I am NOT a waster!

So here are the new lovlies ...

I think these are totally great! We have tons of these colors in the house - white, black, browns ... all over the place. So these really look good. They are also really fluffy. I can tell the difference when I do dishes at night. It's like standing on a cushion. LOVE!

But don't tell Conrad ... I don't want him to think I ENJOY doing the dishes.