Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back at Work


Sorry - I have been out of it. I went back to work on Monday. I've been doing ok about getting here within 30 minutes of my start time. I'm having a HARD time waking up and getting out of bed this week. I have a sit down job- but I do have to hop up to the printer and scanner a few million times a day. I think it's wearing on me a little bit. Every day by 3PM I am pretty much toast.

My boss is being really great about it though. She's concerned. She was on the CALL list when I came out of surgery. She checked up on me last week and comes by a few times a day to the cube here and asks how I'm doing. I know if I needed to roll home at 3, she'd be cool with it. She keeps telling me surgery effects people for a month or so sometimes afterwards and I know she gets it. But for now I am toughing it out. I am just so DOG BONE TIRED.

I am in bed at 9 and I struggle to get up by 6. My inscions hurt. A lot. At least two of them do. The one down by the bellybutton is a killer - but the rest I guess are ok. I had them looked at on Monday when the stiches came out - and they look the way they are supposed to. I have been able to cook and stuff at home though since Monday. I haven't vaccumed or cleaned anything really and Conrad did the laundry this weekend - but I think by Monday I will be ok to bend over and scrub things again. I have just been USELESS besides the dinner making and even then I am the Queen of Grilled Cheese and Sausages in a Bun and soup, frozen pizza. Conrad hasn't been enjoying chicken parmasean, turkey meatloaf or homemade mac n cheese or anything. It has for sure been simple, kindergarten type meals. At least it's something. He's so good though. He says he's fine with peanut butter and jelly - so I know as long as I am grilling cheese and making soup and things that are hot, he is happy.

I am supposedly cleared to get back to water aerobics (not Zumba) next week. So we'll see how I feel on Tuesday. I hope I am up for it. I miss it!