Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was DE-termined not to waste this Memorial Day weekend. I took Friday off and used it to clean the house and run my errands, like the post office and grocery shopping. That always seems to eat up at least a day during the weekend. I also wanted a lot of laying around ... book reading, moving watching and super yummy grilling. But more than anything, I wanted to do a few things around the house we never seem to get around to:

* Hanging pics
* Organizing the laundry room
* Organizing all my magazine and recipe clippings

Etc ... and I am happy to say all of these things are either complete or in progress.
That is a GOOD feeling.

For instance, I got Conrad a NICE picture of Texas. He always wanted one that looked like a map and had that nice, big, thick leather frame. Those are not cheap. So ... I waited until Christmas and got him one. How I got that GINORMOUS picture home in my tiny Toyota Solara with only two doors is another story unto itself, but I did it. Well after all that, it has sat for exactly 5 months. Finally I said Conrad, let's HANG IT and so we did and it looks AWESOME.

Before the pic:

Taking a break - while the drill charges: (and yeah, they are ALWAYS together)
WAIT ! Is he holding her HAND? Good Lord!

Picture hung:

Yeah, I know, night and day difference. I don't know WHY we waited so long. Lazy.

Also, you may be asking why we are spending money (even if it was 5 months ago) on THIS house when we are going to be building another one. Well I told Conrad a few months ago, as money allows, as I find things here and there I will be dragging them home to "stage" this one, as we build the other one. Conrad has always wanted one of those Texas map pictures and it's REALLY nice as you can see and will be perfect for his office in the new house. So why not buy it and enjoy it now? It will go with us to the next house and will just be one more thing we don't need to buy when we're faced with a big house to fill... and really wanting things to look "complete".



Dickie said...

looks good...
ummmm Conrad and Blanca.....OBSESSION! LOL
love ya