Monday, May 23, 2011


My weekend was GREAT! Which is good ... because work is going to be crazy between now and July 1. So I need every weekend to be good - relaxing and yet productive. If I can fit those two in, then I will be doing good. On the work front, we have one person moving on via promotion and one person moving on via a new job, elsewhere. So that's a lot of change in a small amount of time. I am losing some accounts and gaining some others and am also I guess LEAD person of the transition. So I have to be managing all the transition  .... So between today and July 1 - craziness, but busy!

I cooked a couple of times this weekend. We also went to see the new Pirates movie. I really liked it - we went to the Movie Tavern. I almost always see movies this way now - a little lunch, a little iced tea, sitting back and watching the movies. Regular movie theaters don't appeal anymore!

I got a lot of cleaning done Saturday morning too. I took an hour and straightened, swept, starting washing clothes, did some dusting ... also some extra stuff like - washing a load of bathmats and things I don't need to do every week. Conrad cut the grass ... I did a small amount of re-decorating and cleaned out the DVR on the TV. I also fit in a nap .. and we watched an AWESOME Saturday Night Live. I love it when Justin Timberlake hosts, his skits are pretty funny. I also went to the library and got a ton of books, including two new cookbooks. Love that! I smiled almost the whole weekend, which was just what the doctor ordered!

This week- LONG WEEKEND! I took off Friday and of course, Monday is Memorial Day. So I have 4 days. I am hoping to do a lot of napping, a lot of cleaning and organizing and a lot of nothing. We'll see how I fit that all in! Oh and I also plan to garage sale this coming Saturday. I have been on a long hiatus because frankly we're busting at the seems in this house - but I figured I'd head out and see if I could find some books or some cute LITTLE stuff. I'm excited about it!