Monday, May 30, 2011

Subway Tile

Conrad just broke my heart into a million pieces, y'all.

As you know, we're moving forward on this house building thing. We met with the builder last week and gave him the re-vamped plans. We shrunk the house by 144 sq feet, removed some built in's, killed a porch, etc - in an attempt to lower the price some. I expect to hear from him in a few weeks. Once we do, we'll call a couple of loan places and then I think before we know it, we'll be off to the races. I'm trying to be a little proactive by putting together a little story board on each room. So that way we'll know what flooring we want, what colors we like, the cabinets we like, the stain we like, the faucets, etc ... and there will be no tears as we move into the design center to decide on finishes.

So as I've found things to paste in our book I've run them by Conrad. I have ALWAYS loved subway tile. It's CHEAP # 1 - I think it's like less than $1 a tile - and I think they are classic and won't "date" our house. They aren't trendy - like those itty bitty glass tiles are now- and I just love them. So I showed him a picture similar to this:

I wanted him to see the white tile against the black cabinets. We've decided on black cabinets.

You guys THIS is the kitchen of my dreams

When I showed him these, he scrunched up his nose and was like mmmm .... eh ..... and so I thought OH we have such a white kitchen right now, he's probably super tired of it. He doesn't want to see anymore white tile. White would be my choice but COMPROMISE! Got it! Back to the drawing board.

So today I showed him some colored tile and even some glass subway tile. Look at this deliciousness!

So I proudly show him and he says to me, "Um, I think I just don't like subway tile." I ..... I have been speechless for hours. WHAT? How can he just not like subway tile? What does that even mean? I just stared at him. I don't think he knows he ripped a jagged hole into my subway tile loving soul.

I could cry a thousand rivers. I think in my heart, I had a vision of the kitchen just ENCRUSTED with this stuff. I am SO hoping he doesn't want big, chunky, super square tiles. If so I am going to FREAK OUT. But I'm trying to remain calm. This is OUR house, I get that -- but I WILL have my subway tile. Even if it's the back wall of the bathroom upstairs in the tub - I will have it. That's 84 inches STRAIGHT UP, baby ... I WILL HAVE IT. If it's relegated up there though I can not be responsible for what I will do. He will be looking for me all over the house, and will pull back the shower curtain and find me in there, stroking that beautiful WHITE subway tile. I am hoping to gain some self control between now and then.

My question remains, however, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? I thought his mama raised him right?! I need to call her and see if his hatred of subway tile stems from her. I bet if I showed his sister, she would LURVE it.

I'm going to go now and try to put the pieces of my heart and soul back together. Grrr ....



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