Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey All ...

I totalled my truck this morning- won't know for sure until I heard from the adjuster, but from the looks of it, I'd say it was a goner. The entire front is torn off, it was leaking, heaadlights on the ground ... quite a site.

I was t-boned in an intersection this morning on the way to work. Pretty much a head on hit. We spent five hours in the ER this morning and now I'm at home, resting.

Pretty banged up- they were checking for internal damage, but I appear to be ok, My first CAT Scan was today! My left leg is a mess, my right foot is hurt - skin on my left arm was taken off by the airbag, fingernails broken, a big bruise on my belly and chest from the seat belt and a nice big purple bruise on my neck, chest and collar bone from the airbag. I feel like I'm 100 years old. The only thing spared was my face.

Oh well I am ok- the other guy is ok - and now maybe I will go ahead and get that fuel efficient car I've been thinking I need. I don't know if the truck will be paid off or not, I owe more than it's worth- like everyone else ... but at least I'm alive.

I saw my life flash before my eyes and I will never forget the sound the cars made when they met or the jarring my body got or the smoke and the powder (from the airbag) and the feeling I had when I thought the other guy wasn't ok and wasn't getting out of his truck. I really thought he was dead for a minute or two. But he was fine- he walked away and I think went into the office . I took 80% of the brunt force of it.

Please pray for us both that we recover quick, that both our cars are maybe not totalled and that everything will be ok. Pretty wild day.

Oh but hey- I got some morphine! It's NICE ...



DeeDee said...

Wow, how scary!! I am glad you weren't hurt worse. Are you able to stay home for a few days or do you have to go back into work tomorrow?

Tracy said...

Holy Cow!!! That's awful. I am very glad to hear you are basically okay. You are going to be so sore today, just don't wait too long to take your morphine! Keep a good eye on your bruises, too. After my wreck I had to have the ones on my leg drained because the blood under my skin was stretching it too tight. Yuck.

I am soooo glad you are okay!