Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I need some Christmas Spirit- motivation!

I am having such a hard time purchasing those last few gifts. I guess because Thanksgiving was late this year, Christmas sort of snuck up on me. I didn't do cards this year, although I wanted too ... I didn't put up a tree yet ... I'm not done shopping. All I've done is drink hot chocolate and listen to carols. This weekend I've gotta get DONE!

I am getting the presents DONE. I am mailing the ones I need to - to SC and FL. I am putting up the tree, and going to rent Fred Claus ... I just have to get into the spirit.

I think the losing my friend thing just killed my mojo. Maybe I can get it back.

We do have Secret Santa coming up, our Christmas luncheon at work (the Christmas party was canceled), a few parties outside of work to attend, some shopping with friends and I intend to start baking here soon. Oh and Conrad's birthday next week. We have some fun stuff coming up.



Jess said...

I have Christmas shopping done, but we don't have our tree yet. And we have all these empty boxes piled up in the spot where it will go. Project for the week is to break them down and haul them to the recycling area in our building's parking garage. Ugh.