Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow, PJ's, Country and Western Music

Sound like a backwoods, hillbilly vacation? (... and HEAVEN to me)
But alas, it's just the topics for today's post.

First- snow. We have SNOW in Houston tonight. It's been snowing all day actually. Not much accumulation - but big, fat flakes coming down hard. It's awesome ... and the first snow here in four years. It's so cold, I pulled out my coat and gloves this morning.

Second- PJ's. I want to know something. I am the Queen of PJ bottoms. I love them. Fleece, T Shirt, capri, long, whatever - when I get home the first thing I do is get into my PJ's. I remember many moons ago I was dating someone who actually had a problem with this. It was a long time ago- but I think he sat me down and basically told me I was a slob and should dress better and my thought was it's MY house, it's SATURDAY- why do I have to dress up to sit around the house? GET OUT ... but now I am wondering why in the summer when I wear my capris ones made out of t-shirt material, I can not SLEEP in them? I have to take them off and go with only a T shirt ... but in the winter, when I am wearing my black fleece with Christmas trees, these babies come INTO bed with me. SO COMFY. On the weekends sometimes I get up, take a shower and put them right back on. Do you think this is a problem? Thank God most nights Conrad can be found in his sweatpant bottoms as well. We are not dress up at home people.

Third- country and western music. Notice I did not say COUNTRY music, which is what it's called today. I recently discovered an XM station called Roadhouse and it's all country music from the 60's and 70's. I am SO in love with it. I never liked it - it always seemed depressing and twangy- but lately on the way home, I have been really digging on it ... I mean Johnny Paycheck, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Tammy Wynette- SHUT UP they do some good stuff. I mean Dolly and Porter. HELLO. I feel sort of hip and cool and like I've discovered some unearthed jewel that nobody knows about, except for maybe my dad ... I sit in the car and I cheer these people ON- I tell Tammy Wynette "Heck YEAH! STAND BY YOUR MAN!" ... and I say to Patsy Cline "Girl I KNOW. I've been CRAZY too ..." and George Jones- "Sweet Lord - I stopped Loving her today ... I understand ... I totally do" .

Let me just say if you are Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain and you are a "cross over" artist this is not a good thing. You can not be both a pop star AND a country music star. I place the blame for the transition of Country and Western music to just plain country squarely on the shoulders of Marie Osmond with her "Paper Roses" crap, I mean what is a paper rose?! ...and you know who else- those Judds ... with their stupid songs about "Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days" ... or "Mama he's crazy- crazy over me ..." - come on Judd's ... LOVE can build a bridge? No- it can't ... engineers can, but love CANNOT - you hear me Naomi? Wynona? CRAP! All CRAP ... they have singlehandedly led to the downfall of country and western music- like my daddy's style.

I can still hang with Reba and Randy Travis and George Straight- but I am so not down with the Taylor Swift's or the Rascall Flats or the GOD FORBID, so super "country" Keith Urban who is from AUSTRALIA- I mean COME ON. It's now Country and Western old school for me - I am totally digging it .. totally ... I can't wait to see dad again so we can sing a few George and Tammy duets together. I'm totally going to practice.

XM Roadhouse- channel 10



Tracy said...

I love PJ bottoms, too! PJ bottoms and a tank top in summer and t-shirt in winter.
AND - I can't actually sleep in them. They crawl up my legs during sleep and create uncomfortable 'bunches'.

Separated at birth?? Maybe...